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FX-4 Ferrograph Microscope

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Ferrography is a method of oil analysis used to inspect the severity and mechanisms of wear in machinery. This is achieved by separating ferrous debris from lubricating oil by use of a magnetic field with an instrument called a ferrograph, the result is then examined with microscopy. A trained analyst can then diagnose faults or predict failures.

  1. Zoom in 50X, 100X, 200X, 500X, 1000X;
  2. Reflected light illumination and Transmitted light illumination
  3. Equipped with CCD digital camera providing 1600 million pixels
  4. Weight:23KG / Shipping weight: 35KG

Analytical ferrography works through magnetic separation of contaminant particles and a professional analysis of the particles. A sample of lubricating oil is taken and diluted, then run across a glass slide. This glass slide is then placed on a magnetic cylinder that attracts the contaminants.