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Yateks M-IR Series Mechanical 360° Infrared Endoscope

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Yateks M-RF series IR Infrared Industrial Borescope Camera is a endoscope customised for specialist applications. With mechanical control of 360° rotation, noise is reduced to a low levels.
The scope has a 6mm infrared night vision lens, that can achieve 10-20-metre observation distance within dark environments. Suits situations where observation needs to be unidentifiable by observers.
Useful in fields such as the process of criminal investigation and security work, allowing the ability to observe a target, skillfully and quietly.

Technical Advantages

  1. M-IR series night vision endoscope can achieve 10-meter/20-meter effective observation distance under a totally dark environment.
  2. 6mm front camera makes it possible to place into small spaces for observation
  3. 450,000 effective pixels, providing clear visual field
  4. Mechanical control of 360° rotation achieving full range of observation
  5. 0.6kg light weight body making the unit portable and convenient
  6. Interchangeable probes—one main body with several options of probes to meet various needs.
  7. Optional magnetic support base, so the unit can be attached to metal surfaces in special circumstances.
  8. Unit can be easily removed from the base for easy to work on the desktop when the product will be fixedly placed.


Public security, police work, criminal investigation and border defence. Utilised for investigations, security checks, explosive-removal and search and rescue

See the pdf for full specifications.