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YPF-15 Quick Oil Analyzer

unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

The Portable Quick Oil Analyzer YPF-15 is equipped with a 5-inch touch screen display, rechargeable lithium battery supports 4 hours of work, heat device can make oil samples at constant temperature up to 100℃ for oil viscosity analysis. YPF-15 can help you quickly perform oil analysis on site, and facilitate the on-site printing of test results records.
The durable design of the portable suitcase is user friendly, convenient and easy to operate.


  • With different sensors, YPF-15 oil condition analyzer can measure the oil viscosity, density, temperature, dielectric constant, moisture, micro-moisture etc. timely with temperature control device.
  • Easy to operate: all functions display on the touch screen.
  • Incorrect operation monitoring function: hint displays on screen when error happens.
  • Lubricating oil without oil no. can be detected.
  • High strength structure: can be used for high pressure and high velocity environment.
  • Special designed corrosion and pollution resistant coating, good for wet parts.


  • Predictative maintenance & On-site engineering service
  • Hydraulic equipment & system manufacturers
  • Military equipment applications
  • Research & testing institutes
  • Offshore & power generation
  • Construction machinery
  • Industrial plant
  • Marine