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Industrial Borescope Camera

Our industrial borescope can meet the requirements of most industries. We will provide you with the best endoscope camera. We produce the best endoscopes. Borescope inspection can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble. Besides, the after-sale service of industrial borescope is perfect. If you need the best borescope inspection camera, Yateks is your first choice. Here are the best endoscopes, best endoscope inspection cameras, and portable endoscopes.

For each of the following industrial endoscopes, we have provided you with the most detailed borescope inspection scope introduction. Here are detailed data on the best endoscope, best endoscope inspection camera, and portable endoscope. If you want to know each endoscope definition’s specific data, you can click on the link to read it.

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Yateks M-ADV Series Industrial Videoscope

  • Optional diameter: 2.2mm,2.8mm,4mm,6mm ;Forward view;dual camera;White light and ultraviolet light
  • LED illumination way, brightness is up to 10000lux
  • The camera module head adopts 316 stainless material
borescope machine
Mechanical 360°articulation

Yateks M-UV Series Ultraviolet Industrial Borescope

  • UV borescope with the 365nm UV waveband
  • ultraviolet light power ≥60mW can achieve 4-meter.
  • Mechanical 360°articulation and weighs only 0.75kg.
P series 3D measurement industrial video endoscope

Yateks P Series 3D Measurement Industrial Endoscope

  • 3D measurement system can accurately measure the size of defects
  • Automatic locking and precise positioning
  • 4-way 360° articulation with stepping function
  • Built-in four color modes


Yateks Q Series HD Portable Industrial Borescope

  • Outstanding temperature detection function
  • Unique interchangeable camera and tube
  • Special dual light compensation and navigation
  • Multi-screen display, wireless, easy to share


Yateks Realta 3D Measurement Borescope

  • Advanced 3D Measurement Software
  • HD Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 4-way Articulation
  • Durable & Replaceable Video Probes



Yateks B Series Automotive Borescope

  • B series automotive borescope with CE&RoHS
  • Optional diameter probe: 3.7mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm dual lens
  • Flexible and Rigid inspection camera



Yateks B+ series Portable Industrial Borescope

  • B+series portable industrial borescope with CE&RoHS
  • Optional diameter probe: front view 2.2mm;2.8mm; side view 3.0mm.
  • Flexible and Rigid inspection camera



Yateks M Series Articulating Borescope

  • Portable M-series industrial endoscope, easy to use.
  • Articulating Videoscope with mechanical articulation for 360º.
  • Interchangeable tubes with the same main body.
oriented control of P-series videoscope

Yateks N Series Digital Borescope Inspection Camera

  • N-series Digital Borescope has the latest intelligent platform with advanced image processing ability.
  • Articulating borescope with electric rocker controlling system
  • More friendly user interface, intuitive and easy to use.
Frontage of P-series video borescope camera

Yateks P Series High Resolution Videoscope Camera

  • High-resolution videoscope with 2,000,000 pixels
  • Articulating borescope by electronic magnetic rocker
  • 1.1mm, 1.7mm, 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 3.9mm, 6mm,8.4mm endoscope diameter probe, front, side LED, fiber+LED dual lens.

Yateks M-RF Series IR Infrared Industrial Borescope Camera

  • Night vision endoscope with the 6mm front camera.
  • Infrared borescope can achieve 10-meter/20-meter with invisible light.
  • IR endoscope whole body weighs only 0.6kg.