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Seal Saver

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Preventative Maintenance at its Best.

Each patented Seal Saver boot is specifically designed to protect your cylinders from damage caused by silt-sized particles entering the hydraulic system. For more than 30 years, our custom hydraulic cylinder boots have been used around the world and in the toughest environments including mines, steel mills and oil rigs.

Our easy-to-install protective cover securely attaches to your machine’s rod and cylinder head with fasteners, using only a screwdriver. It extends and contracts, like an accordion, as the cylinder arm moves in and out providing continuous protection while keeping the hydraulic system clean from debris.

Protect your investment by reducing maintenance and downtime



Resistant to Chemicals and Acids; heat resistand up to 600 °F
Balistic Nylon

Balistic Nylon

Resistant to water,oil,sunlight and abrasions; heat resistant up to 250 °F
Coated Silica Cloth

Coated Silica Cloth

Temprature Tolerance 1800 °F
Aluminized Kevlar

Aluminized Kevlar

Resistant to head and abreasions; heat resistand up to 600 °F continuous